CGU was honored to be a Pioneer Sponsor for Wayland Baptist University's annual scholarship gala. The gala honored our very own, Martha Morales, and her husband Marciano for their contributions to the Lubbock community. Funds raised tonight will support an endowment for scholarships for Latino students across the region.


The Center was honored to sponsor and attend South Plains College’s 21st annual Scholarship Gala to raise money for student scholarships. In 2015, the Center established the Jay Harris Memorial Endowment with SPC to provide scholarships for rural high school students pursuing dual credit course work in history, geography, and political science. In addition, the Center was able to make an additional $10,000 contribution towards the endowment at this year’s gala. South Plains College is making the first awards for this scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Joe Scarborough, Carl Isett, Calvin Davis, Barbara Gilley, Bobby McCloud, Gulrez Khan, Roshan Bhakta, Roger Wolcott


CGU was honored to serve as the Platinum Sponsor for the 24th Annual 100 Black Men of West Texas’ Annual Scholarship Gala which was held on January 26, 2019 at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center at Texas Tech. A portion of CGU’s sponsorship will be used to fund college scholarships to local high school seniors.

The local chapter of the 100 is one of the 117 global chapters of the 100 Black Men of America. In addition to providing scholarships, serving as mentors, and providing educational services to youth of all cultural backgrounds, the 100 advocates for health and wellness, economic development, and leadership development.

Texas Tech Music in the Marche students


The School of Music at Texas Tech created a faculty-led study abroad program called Music in the Marche`. Under this program, students study opera in the summer in Mondavio, Italy. They are completely immersed in the Italian culture and even live with host families during their stay. In addition to opera training, the students also receive a crash course in the Italian language by learning to communicate with their host families.

The Center has partnered with Music in the Marche for several years, providing scholarship funding to students toward their study abroad tuition. In 2019, the Center was proud to award funds that will sponsor eight TTU students to participate in the 2019 session.

Second Annual International Arts and Culture Symposium

March 27, 2014


The Center for Global Understanding partially funded this symposium whose theme of traditional music and dance which exposed the audience to both an in-depth understanding of Irish music and dance as well as Korean performances, demonstrating the cultural significance of music and dance over 5,000 years of history.

The presentations were all of very high quality.


Dr. Mary Saathoff, President and CEO of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, commented, “This was an EXCELLENT overall event.  Artistically, the bringing together of two cultures was pure genius, and increased your attendance with those who already knew of Chris Smith and his Celtic group.  Having Bill Westney and David Cho was also a good idea from the perspective of good speakers and those who know their subject well and also have their own following in the community.  All speakers were very professional, and it was such an honor for the Ambassador to be there.”


The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the Irish and Korean traditional music and dance.  Those surveyed said that they would attend other cultural symposiums of a similar nature.

The Need

An undergraduate student from Ghana needed funding for tuition and fees.  He is an engineering student with a 3.7 GPA, works for the Daily Toreador, works as an RA in a dorm, is an alter helper at his church.  His family was the victim of a West African scam who stole their money.  The young person is the type of person who has exceptional intellectual and interpersonal skills and a huge doses of human decency.  Several Texas Tech offices stepped up with scholarships but another stipend was need.


The Center for Global Understanding stepped up and provided the funds necessary so he could stay at Tech.


Here is his thank you note:


I write to express my most profound thanks to the entire Center for Global Understanding Executive Board for your unflinching support and generosity in sponsoring my education this past semester.


My studies continue here at this prestigious university and this past semester went by quite fast.  It started on a difficult note but with determination and persistence, I am happy to announce that I ended the semester with a 4.0 GPA.


I promise on being a good student and to uphold and externalize all the values that the Center for Global Understanding stands for.


Thank you,



Study In Italy

August 1, 2015


Dear Joe Scarborough and the members of the CGU,

     First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU. I cannot express how much this program has benefited me as a singer, and I’ve learned so much about the Italian culture and way of life. It is an experience that I will never forget, and I am incredibly grateful and humbled that you chose to help me on this unforgettable journey.


     Our program took place in the small town named Mondavio, located on the east side of Italy in the Marche region. Population: about 4,000. The town is situated on many hills and elevated terrain, and the main attraction of the city is the fortress that was built to protect the town in the 1400’s. Every view looking out from a distance was grandiose, with rolling hills of different greens, and the occasional patches of yellow hills, which we later found were beautiful sunflower fields. And if the sky was clear, off in the distance you could see the Adriatic Sea, about a 30 minute drive from the town. The benefit (and I think the purpose) of organizing a program in such a small place is that NO ONE spoke English, and it forced us to really concentrate and soak up the language.


     Every student was placed with a host home, and this was another language challenge that we had to face. It’s interesting how much you try to gesture and use charades when you are first trying to communicate without knowing the language!! My host parents were Stefania and Riccardo, and they had two children, Cecilia, who was 12, and Rico, 15. They lived out in the country (about a 15-20 minute walk from town), and grew everything that we ate. And we ate. So. Much. Food. They aren’t kidding about their pasta! Upon arrival, we also learned that Italians serve their dinner in stages. First, they would bring out some kind of pasta dish. After this, it would be a variety of things, like sausage/ meat, tomatoes with mozzarella and olive oil, breaded zucchini, etc. At the end of the meal, they would typically have a salad or some kind of fruit, because they believe that it helps aid digestion. My favorite that they would always have: cocomero (watermelon!!!).


     Every Monday-Friday, we had a variety of classes and lessons that we attended. Every day we had 3 hours of Italian in the morning, which was extremely beneficial in communication and comprehension. Our teacher was Matteo, and he only spoke English when we wanted to know what a word meant. Other than that, always Italian! In the afternoons, we did our various music lessons and coaching’s. I worked with so many talented teachers and coaches from great music schools in the US. We had diction courses in which we worked on the pronunciation and sounds of the Italian language, and further studied this with different arias and scenes that we sang in. I also had two 30 minute coaching’s with esteemed vocal coaches every week, and two hour long voice lessons from a voice teacher. The voice teacher that I worked with was incredible, and I feel like I improved so much with his wisdom and teachings. (Warning: singer lingo ahead) My resonance both in my upper and lower ranges have improved, and he has helped me manage to somewhat smoothly sing through both my 1st and 2nd passaggi of my voice. In simple terms, this is a huge step in the improvement of my vocal technique and singing!


     During the four week period here we had two solo concerts and two scenes concerts. Our solo concerts were repertoire that we got to pick ourselves, and our scene music was assigned by the teachers in the program. During the evenings we would stage our scenes, and we learned valuable tools about staging and working collaboratively with other singers.


     If there was one thing that wasn’t positive during this whole experience, it was the weather. It was excruciatingly HOT! Apparently there was a huge heat wave in Africa that made it across Italy, and the entire country suffered. The last time they had this kind of heat was 70 years ago! Oh, and the Italians don’t believe in moving air, they think that it can cause illness. So we had about 3 weeks of 95-100 degree heat with NO air conditioners!! It was miserable, but luckily I bought a cheap fan that helped me survive, and wet towels over my head and legs kept me cool at night. There was never a moment that the Americans weren’t sweating!


     This program only lasted a month, but will benefit me for a lifetime. Of all the operas that are performed throughout the world, 8 of the top 10 are performed in the Italian language. This program has given me a huge step in grasping the intricate language and continuing to study and perform it.  I was also able to experience a new culture that is so different from mine, and that has made me a more educated individual that has an appreciation for new and foreign things. An opera singers dream is to have a career in Europe, and learning about these new cultures and diverse ways of life help me toward that career goal. Thank you again for making this educational adventure possible!





Music in the Marche

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